An opportunity for startups to pitch to an audience of VCs, angel investors, investment companies, domain experts, bloggers and media which could open a multitude of opportunities.


Pitch nominations will be sought online from startups during the registration period from 29 June – 15 October 2017. The pitch will have its nominees segregated into groups based on their stages of funding. The groups being:

  • Seed
  • Series A
  • Series B
  • Series C

During the nomination, the nominating team will be expected to identify the group they categorize into. For ease and homogeneity, the way we define each group is provided herein. If for any reason the nominating team identifies themselves in the wrong group, they might be regrouped into the category that is deemed fit based on our definitions. Based on the nominations received, screening will be done to identify the pitch finalists. The pitch finalists will present in front of the audience comprising of investors and corporates on the day 2 of “The Aeonian 2017”.

Presentations will be segregated based on the funding group and investors can attend the presentations based on their interests.

Before the beginning of each set (stage) of presentations, investors will be provided with a sheet with the name of the entries against which 3 options will be available –

  • Interested – If an investor is immediately interested after the pitch presentation
  • Parked – If an investor has an interest but would like to give it more thought
  • Not Interested – If an investor is not interested in the pitch

After each set of presentations based on funding stage, the startups of the stage can deliberate with investors who are interested in their venture in a dedicated “Deliberations Room”. This will be moderated by Aspire Media Personnel.


The groups have been classified and defined as following:

  • Seed Funding – Early stage funding given to a startup that will be utilized to conduct market surveys, create the viable product and initial establishment of the company. Investments are usually around $500k - $2 Million and investors include Angels and early stage VCs.
  • Series A Funding – Funds the product development process and optimizing the customer acquisition process. Companies begin a steady source of income. Typical funding round sees an investment of $3- $15 Million.
  • Series B Funding – Investments typically are in the range of $15-$60 Million. Normally funding would be utilized for expansion in terms of expansive hires, expansion into different market segments or experimentation with different revenue streams.
  • Series C+ Funding – Funding to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. It is all utilized for growth and pre- IPO dress up of the company or for acquisitions. VCs and PEs are the usual investors at this stage.


A team designated by Aspire Media Pvt. Ltd and supervised by senior Aspire Media staff along with validation partners will receive the nominations through the nomination window period. Based on pre-determined criteria, nominations will be first screened to disqualify ineligible entries and then of the eligible entries, finalists will be shortlisted. The finalists will be informed personally and the names will also be uploaded on the website by 31 October 2017.

Pitch Day Presentation

Entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas to a panel of business experts and potential investors (for each stage of funding). Each participant will be given 5 minutes for presentation (preferably PPT) followed by 2 minutes of Q&A

Each team may have a maximum of 5 members.

Presentation Deck

All finalists are required to submit their pitch presentations files upon being a finalist. The decks need to be submitted by 03 November 2017. The presentations should not exceed 15 slides.

The broad contents to be covered in the pitch deck will be communicated to the finalists upon selection.


  • Startups agree that all information provided by them are correct to the best of their knowledge and shall be disqualified if any information is found to be untrue.
  • Screening as done by the organizers shall be final and binding. It cannot be contested.
  • You shall abide by the time limits provided.
  • There shall be no material demeaning or disrespecting other brands.
  • You understand that the pitch will be presented in front of potential investors but their decision to invest or not is entirely their prerogative and the organizers do not guarantee any investments.