The groups have been classified and defined as following based on the funding requirements:

Seed Funding

Early stage funding given to a startup that will be utilized to conduct market surveys, create the viable product and initial establishment of the company. Investments are usually around $500k - $2 Million and investors include Angels and early stage VCs.

Series A Funding

Funds the product development process and optimizing the customer acquisition process. Companies begin a steady source of income. Typical funding round sees an investment of $3- $15 Million.

Series B Funding

Investments typically are in the range of $15-$60 Million. Normally funding would be utilized for expansion in terms of expansive hires, expansion into different market segments or experimentation with different revenue streams.

Series C+ Funding

Funding to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. It is all utilized for growth and pre- IPO dress up of the company or for acquisitions. VCs and PEs are the usual investors at this stage.