The Aeonian 2019

“The Aeonian 2019” is a premium startup event that aims to bring all stakeholders of the startup ecosystem under one roof and help develop its dynamics. All this, while also celebrating and rewarding the startups and dwelling over its failures.

“The Aeonian 2019” will be a 2 day event and will comprise of 5 activities namely:

  • Expo & Spotlight
  • Pitch
  • Conference
  • Networking
  • Awards

Day 1 will have the Expo & Spotlight running all day. Simultaneously, the Award finalists will present in front of the jury for the first half of the day. The second half will have the conference comprising of speeches and panel discussions with experts to be followed with the networking dinner.

Day 2 will also have the Expo & Spotlight running all day. The pitch will take place simultaneously and will culminate with the Awards Night.

“The Aeonian Spotlight” will run during the 2 day expo. Spotlight will offer the exhibitors / non exhibitors 15 minutes presentation opportunity to the attending Expo audience – the investors – Angel, VC, Corporate, ecosystem partners and startup enthusiasts. The presentation will be done on a stage in the expo hall followed by Q & A that will attract large crowd, with live projection. Compared to having only a stall, the chances of maximum reach is definitely high. The Aeonian Spotlight and the Stall combo will provide the best approach to your products sales. The spotlight can also be used as a launch pad to announce your products and solutions to the audience. After your presentation at the Spotlight, interested parties can meet you at your stall for further discussions enabling maximum value for your time and money. The Spotlight videos can be used as your marketing tool.

The Aeonian Spotlight booking is available at a nominal fee. To register for the Aeonian Spotlight click here.

Booking for the Spotlight is open on first come first basis to the first 40 slots.


You can register for any of the activities or in combination on the Aeonian Website under the “Register” tab. You can access it here. We do not take any offline registrations.

Registrations open from 12 July. Early bird offer ends 31 August 2018. Regular Fee closes by 30 Nove’18. Final Nomination Campaign closes 31 March 2019.

TThere are three phases in payments for tickets. The Early Bird offer starts form 12 July and ends on 31 August 2019. The Regular rates will be applicable form 01 September 2019 to 15 October 2019. Please find the rate card here.

Yes. You have to register separately for each event or you choose a combo package that saves your money.

Please find all details regarding the classification and funding stages and Awards along with an explanation with guidelines on all the activities within “The Aeonian 2019” Pitch and Awards.

There are 19 award categories for “The Aeonian 2019”. Details regarding them can be found here.

Yes, you can visit the event without participating by buying the visitor pass available here.


No, even the partners and sponsors are eligible to book stalls in the expo. Corporate Investors and companies targeting Startups offering products and solutions can also book stalls. You can book the stalls here.

The stalls and Spotlight stage are allotted on first-come-first basis. Spotlight has only, limited slots of 40 which will be allotted during the 2 days of the event. It will be open for booking on first come first basis.

No. All registrant profiles will be screened and only the selected finalists will be allowed to pitch. Details regarding the finalists will be uploaded on the website by 27 February 2019 Finalist will also be informed individually.

Awards and Pitch Submission

Pitch registrants have to submit a business plan. This is mandatory. You can upload any other documents that could support your case.

Award Registrants are required to submit a Summary Document. A Summary Document is a summary of your forecasts and how you are performing in line with them. Apart from this, you can upload any other documents to support your case.

Additional documents are optional but however highly recommended as it will help the evaluators judge your entries and its authenticity better.

Yes, you may apply to multiple categories. However, you will be subject to scrutiny of whether you suit the categories and if found not to in any of the categories, will be disqualified from that particular category.


Yes, all finalists are mandatorily required to present before the jury on Day 1 of the event in order to be considered for the Aeonian Awards 2019.

All details have been provided in the Terms & Conditions and the Event Guidelines. Please refer Award, Pitch & Expo.
If further you need any clarifications, please feel free to contact us at
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