3000+Startup Visitors
40+Pitch Sessions
300+Awards Night Attendees

About the event

The Aeonian 2018 is a premier annual startup summit that recognizes and rewards the startup community in India. The Aeonian 2018 will be a two day event aiming at bringing all stakeholders of the startup ecosystem, under one roof. From investors to companies, from seed funded to IPO startups, from students to startup founders, they will all be present across the 4 categories of events –

1) Expo & Spotlight
2) Pitch
3) Conference & Networking
4) Awards

Whether the idea to join is to gain a better insight to the Indian startup scene or it is to find the right startup to invest in, whether it is to network with potential investors or it is to find the latest technology or products, Aeonian 2018 satisfies to every need. All this while also celebrating the successes and dwelling over the failures of the startup world

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